Hello and welcome,
my name is Jan-Helge Schnöbbe, composer from Hamburg, Germany (born 1990).

I write and produce filmmusic for German and international television productions / documentaries, as well as music for video games and trailers, for which I also work as a sound designer.

My references include music for various German and international television productions and documentaries (e.g. ARTE, BBC, FoxSports, ZDF, 3sat, Pro7, SWR), as well as award-winning video games (e.g. Der-DCP-winner WITCH IT) in various genres such as fantasy, sci-fi, serious games, RPGs and mobile games.

Are you looking for a composer or sound designer to create the music for your project?

„I am looking forward to get in touch and our collaboration.“

In addition to the use of conventional instruments, unconventional sound sources also flow into my music in order to create individual sound worlds. „I love making music from the most unusual sound sources, producing my own samples and programming unique virtual instruments from them.

This passion for using unusual sound sources and my connection to nature led me start a music project in 2022 where I create music that is 100% made of garbage that I collected from nature. The garbage serves as the only sound source. Conventional instruments are not used. After collection, cleaning and recording the trash, it will be disposed of properly.

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